Serpent Mound and Interesting Things

Last weekend we camped at Rocky Fork State Park in Hillsboro, Ohio. The primary goal was to visit Serpent Mound with the family, but we also came across some interesting people and items. I’ll start with the hognosed snake. The Serpent Mound is likely to have been designed by the Native Americans after this snake. It is the only native Ohio snake species that coils its tail. It’s interesting to think that the Native Americans were observant of the specialness of this snake as well. Of course, the hognosed snake only coils its tail when it is startled of senses danger. I wonder if they were trying to send another message as well, since they chose to represent this snake similar to the picture below. Maybe it is a statement representing a healthy respect or fear of death.

These numerous piles of dirt are actually large ant hills. They are a bit creepy but morbidly fascinating. These mounds were swarming with what looked like red-black carpenter ants. I counted about sixty of these mounds along about a quarter of a mile only along the tree line. Enough of that now, my skin itches.

We met the owner of this beauty in the Serpent Mound parking lot. He was from Lima, Ohio. Even though this is a Harley 100 edition, 1903-2003, it was new to him. This grandfather has been riding since 1968 and was recently in a crash. He damaged his knee and wasn’t sure if he would ever be able to ride again. Beautiful bike.

Found this on Route 41. Slap it down on a piece of land next to a lake, enough said.

This one is my favorite, not because of the sign, but because of the gentleman we met when we stopped. This service station is Reed’s Tire Service and is run by Tom. This place is one of the few places I have seen that still pumps gas for you. Found in Locust Grove, Ohio (around the corner from a Dairy Bar that serves some of the best real chili “frys” I’ve had in a long time). The station opened in 1939, and Tom is the third generation to run it.

Also of note, is that Tom is a sixth grade math teacher in Peebles, Ohio as well. His students have almost all placed in the high 90s on the Ohio Achievement Test. The most recent scores of his students were all in the 98% range except for one student. The costs associated the incentives he provides for his students all come out of his own pocket, as many teachers can attest to doing throughout the country.

~James O. Barnes

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